The Estée Edit – Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack

Many of you probably have not heard of the brand “The Estée Edit“. Do not worry, because it is a brand new line that Estée Lauder recently launched! It is targeted for younger audiences to provide a modern, trendy and fresh look at the brand. The entire line is currently sold at Sephora in Canada and US to VIB and VIB Rouge members only. The official launch will be mid March exclusively at Sephora. There are many many items in the new Estée Edit collection separately into 3 categories: The Edgiest (comprising of bold lips, highly pigmented shadows), The Barest (comprising of sheer colors/nudes products with added skincare benefits) and skincare products that promises to deliver instant benefits. The brand has engaged Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim to help promote their products to the younger generation. Lots of social media engagements have been involved including promotion on each of Kendall and Irene’s IG accounts, videos, tutorials, plus a hashtag of #beautyattitudes has been widely used in the promotion campaign.

Today, I will be reviewing one of the skincare products called…

The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder – Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack

The Estèe Edit by Estèe Lauder

Packaging: The packaging is very different than the traditional Estée Lauder line. One thing in common is the “blue”. With this line being trendy and more modern, it has a cobalt blue paint splatter(? I think that’s what it is) on all the packaging. The jar is plastic with a lid. Sturdy but not luxurious. The lid in the above picture is turned upside down as it is silver and reflects images.

The Estèe Edit by Estèe Lauder

Benefits: hydrates, soothes, revitalizes skin overnight (love overnight products, I can sleep and it does work for me! yay!)

The Estèe Edit by Estèe Lauder

Ingredients: Pink peony – soothes the skin, goji berry + blueberry + cranberry – antioxidants to reduce signs of aging/improve skin texture/limit production of free radicals, hyaluronic acid – ability to retain moisture/anti-aging

Texture: A lightweight gel cream and spreads easily. It is very smooth and non-greasy. When I think of overnight masks, I envision them to be more heavy but after applying it on my face, within mins, the product was fully absorbed leaving no stickyness or greasy feeling.

Scent: This pretty pink gel cream has a very very very light fruity citrus scent.

Results: I have sensitive normal/combination skin and this overnight water pack did not irritate nor break me out. I have only used this 1-2 times and will continue to use to see how my skin reacts to it. The fact that it was quickly absorbed and disappeared within mins of application, I was skeptical as to how hydrating it can be for me. I woke up the next day, my skin feels hydrated and I can see signs of improvement to my skin’s texture. But it was until I started applying my foundation that I can really see how smooth my skin got overnight! My skin looked so smooth and flawless! I did not see any visible difference with regards to my skin being more radiant though. If you are only looking for a hydration miracle worker for overnight, this might be the product for you! I would suggest to have this in your nighttime rotation routine.



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