Cheeky Physique Sublime Lips Manuka Honey Lip Plumper

Are you looking for a lip plumper to perfect your pout? Do you want sexier fuller lips? YES, YOU DO! I mean, face it, everyone wants that Angelina Jolie looking lips don’t we? Well, keep reading because I’ve got one for you and it’s amazing!!! I’ve recently came across this brand Cheeky Physique, a company that’s all about looking gorgeous, feeling confident and rocking your fabulous life! This product is designed to give you fuller-looking lips and at the same time, providing the necessary nutrients (from Manuka Honey) and intense hydration. It retails for $28USD for 0.34oz (10ml) and is available at Cheeky Physique (non-affiliated link).

Here’s my first impressions of the Sublime Lips™ Manuka Honey Lip Plumper….


Packaging: Well, you all know I love Pink! So bonus points on the hot pink packaging. The applicator is a typical fuzzy lip gloss applicator with a slant at the tip for easy application.

Ingredients: Formulated with naturally active Manuka Honey (extremely high in antioxidants) and Hilurlip™ (a proprietary blend of hyaluronic acid microspheres and tripeptide-1 providing maximum hydration and plumping effect)

Scent: In love with the scent. It’s a very delicious sweet candy scent.

Color: From just looking at it, it has a pearlescent pink sheen to it. Once applied on the lips, it’s pretty much clear. What’s great about it is that since it is clear, you can use it with your favorite lip color!

Texture: Very smooth, glides on the lips easily. I personally do not like any lip products that are overly sticky or thick. This lip plumper is neither!


Results: So, it does have a tingly feeling when you first apply it (lasted about 10mins). It is not those pulsing feeling though that I’ve had with some other brands…. which feels kinda scary come to think of it!!! This one just gives a slight tingly, cooling sensation and after maybe 3 mins, my lips looked fuller/more contoured. It is very comfortable on the lips and the shine is just perfect like a gloss. The plumping effect lasted on me for roughly 3-4 hours. As I mentioned, it is not sticky which I really love! After wearing it for few hours, my lips still felt hydrated. The only thing I cannot comment on is the long-term effects as I have not continuously used this for a period of time. However, with the positive first impressions, I think I might!

Do you have a fav lip plumper? Did it work? Will you give this one a try?



This item is a press sample I received for review consideration. All opinions are 100% honest and unbiased!


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